This is why.

This is why.


I get paid for -- 40 hours a week.
Commute hours -- 15 (give or take one hour)
Unpaid lunch -- 2.5 (30 minutes per day)

Total: 57.5 hours

Divide that by 5 days = 11.5 hours per day.

I go to bed by 9-9:30 every night. Get up by 5:15am to leave the house by 6:15am to get to work by 7:30am.

Sleep: 7.75 hours per night, on average.

Writing: 1 hour per night, if I'm lucky. More on the weekends, again, if I'm lucky. I also write on my lunch break, but I'm lucky if I get a page written. So, since I'm only counting weekdays in this, let's say 6.5 hours per week writing. Which is what I really want to do with my life. 1.3 hours per day.

Other: Cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, baking, cleaning the litterboxes nightly, feeding and petting kitties, visiting with friends on Ravelry, gardening (seasonal), mowing the lawn (seasonal), keeping up with the house, ebay, etsy, visiting with family, shopping (groceries), entertainment, crafting, weaving, spinning, and I'm sure I'm missing something, so I will add an etc. here, too.

Without all of the other, we are already up to 20.55 hours, the vast majority of which is work-related. All those little 10 minute chores add up to the rest of my available time, meaning that things don't get done, get pushed to the weekend, or just don't get touched at all.

So tell me, then--when am I supposed to exercise? To relax? To enjoy a quiet cup of tea? To cook myself something complicated that takes a little time? To actually put my feet up? To spend an afternoon reading a book? To learn something new? To try out a new craft? To stretch my wings?

There is no work/life balance here. None at all. Absolutely none.

Weekends tend to be for catching up or attempting to do more time-involved things, like rearranging or decluttering. I try to keep up with it. But when you basically have no time for five days out of the week, keeping up with things on the weekends just doesn't work well at all when you are attempting to decompress from the week before and prepare for the next week.

I don't like this. I don't enjoy this at all. It is no way to live.

This is why.


Grey Walker said…
Is the statue of Apollo telling you that you must change your life?
Jennifer said…
YES. Most stridently.

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