Drying Clothes... And other things

So my dryer has been out of commission since February. I finally got it working (for the most part) today. 

I've been hanging my clothes, blankets, quilts, etc. up to dry. It's worked pretty well except for a few notable exceptions--my black clothes invariably end up covered in lint, and without a dryer, the cat hair just will not come off my wool blankets and quilts. And, with all of the rain lately, it's been impossible to even consider hanging anything out on the line to dry. 

I think for the most part, I'll continue to hang up most of clothes to dry. But blankets and quilts and sheets, etc., I really don't have the space to hang them if I don't hang them on the line. If the weather cooperates, I will still do that, but it's also nice to have a working dryer for the times it does not.

I'm definitely giving it a workout this afternoon...


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