Storydream--Lady Margaret

Story dream of last night... A vampire child who chooses her companions for "life", so to speak. In exchange for your loyalty and blood, of course, she will give you anything you desire--within reason; she wouldn't choose someone who would desire an expensive car, for example, but enough money to research the topic of your dreams that no one else would ever fund? Sure.

One of her companions encouraged her to write, long ago. Another encouraged her to submit her work. To her amusement, her life, as fiction, has become a best selling series. But, being a child in body, she can't exactly go to book signings or author appearances, so she becomes a reclusive author who never even grants interviews, which only fuels the fire of speculation as to who she is and what she looks like.

She even has paparazzi camped out in the woods behind her house.

She doesn't kill her companions when they grow old, but then again, they tend to stick around until they are too old to serve her. Before they retire, another companion is chosen. The current companion is Jack Green, a young man who recently discovered that he has a rare form of cancer. (Not sure what kind yet, but they've given him months to live.)

There is one living retired companion who will factor into the story, plus a photographer--Lora Adams--who the vampire and Jack will turn to for help, and possibly the murky source of a ballad or so... And Lady Margaret, as she's known to her companions--Margaret Fenning to her fans--a child who is also a vampire old enough to see the Mayflower set sail for the New World, and since she also promises to take care of her companions until they die, will ask Lora Adams to search out someone who could help Jack Green, thus giving her access to a secret no one would have ever guessed... And that no one will ever believe.


This actually is complete in my head, barring any major plot twists or changes as I write it. I do have to finish A Glint of Silver first, which I am still writing, but this one is a viable enough idea to write. Alice is also making noises in my head (I had a dream about it a few weeks ago, which helps a lot as to actually moving the plot forward.) But I really want to finish A Glint of Silver first.


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