30% humidity in here, plus a semi-sinus cold, plus the heat being on because it's 9 degrees outside equals everything is sooo dry, including my skin. I've slept with a wet washcloth or dishtowel over my face the past two nights. This morning, the dishtowel I used was almost dry.

However, this seems to be working; I actually slept pretty well last night and didn't cough much at all. Friday and Saturday nights were pretty sleepless, and Sunday night was only marginally better.

I also drank a lot of water yesterday, because I was seriously dry-mouthed all day long, and I think I might have been a bit dehydrated, too. Hopefully, again, today will be better. I would like to get rid of this cold.

(Although I'm not complaining too loudly, because last year at this time, it was nosebleeds because of the low humidity. And I'd personally rather have the cold.)


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