Today is baking day!

So far...

I have two loaves of Italian bread rising, and one loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread rising. There's Blackberry Cake (in one of my fancy bundt pans) in the oven. I have one more Blackberry cake to make (the berries for that one are thawing at the moment) and then Springerlie cookies this evening, to bake tomorrow morning before I head to Mom and Dad's.

One loaf of Italian bread is mine, the other and the Cinnamon Swirl bread and Blackberry Cake (provided it works) are going with me to Mom and Dad's. The other Blackberry Cake (hopefully) is for Sunday, which is Mom's side of the family Christmas.

I love the smell of rising bread. Mmmmmmmmm.

(I probably shouldn't add this, but I really want to make Orange Cake as well. I intended to make Cherry-Almond Bread Pudding too, but I don't have any almond extract and I'm not going to the store today.)


Grey Walker said…
Yum times ten!

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