This was my Christmas present to myself, and she arrived on Friday, just in time for Christmas!

Lucia (My Christmas Wheel)

Her name is Lucia (Lucy for short), and she is a marked L. Brown Farnham copy. She's a very lovely wheel, and quite fun to spin on. In fact, I like spinning on Lucy quite a bit. Her wheel is 21 1/4" wide, which seems to be a perfect size. The smaller Saxony behind her (Elinor) is a lot slower with an 18" wheel. You wouldn't think a couple of inches would make such a difference, but they do. (Of course Gloriana has a 30" wheel and Sofia has a 25" wheel, so they are both even faster.) And I just love the design. Lucy is actually very small and compact.Align Center


cyndy said…
Lovely Lucia!

LOL ...those couple of inches DO make a difference. "This one is tooo big...This one is toooo small...but THIS one is just right...."

Nice color (wool?) on her bobbin too!
Jennifer said…
Exactly! :)

Yes, it's mill end purple wool, lovely stuff! I have since filled her bobbin. :)

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