So Friday night I drove down (almost said up!) to the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY. It was a lovely drive, straight down 68, past all the sprawling horse farms and all the pretty Victorian houses. And hairpin turns at one point--where I saw the coolest house ever; a monstrosity of a stone house set up on a sheer cliff overlooking a river and another sheer cliff--if I lived there I would never ever leave. (A bit of research and it's probably the Stone House on Brooklyn Hill aka the Houp Farm, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.)

Anyway, Shaker Village is somewhere I'll have to go again. The drive was lovely, the room was nice, too, and because it snowed quite a bit, I didn't get to explore. So, a spring visit, I think, would be nice.

Marielle is now in her new home. I also brought Sofia and Julius with me, and spun a lot. I brought spindles, too, and had a great time.

Now I am home, however, and there aren't anymore trips in my near future. That means the cleaning up around here will begin in earnest.


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