It's Library Weekend!

I started early by gathering up all the cookbooks and putting them in their place. I, um, didn't really realize I had so many cookbooks. The bread books stay in the kitchen, though; they have a spot on the typewriter desk that fits them just perfectly.

All the cookbooks, Library Weekend Part 1

The bookshelf could actually use one more shelf up at the top there, but oh well. It doesn't look too bad. And what you are seeing on the wall is glue, not water stains. There are eight layers of wallpaper, the newest of which is probably 50 years old.


cyndy said…
Looks Great!

(the librarian in me is nodding with approval!)..and of course wondering if they are arranged by title size ;-)
Jennifer said…
Well, right now, size, because the shelves are so weird. :) Subject is the goal; I'm not determined to have them sorted by author anytime soon.

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