I've had a real craving for yogurt these past two weeks. So I bought some, and ate it, and bought some more, and decided that since I'd already purchased the price of a new yogurt culture, I might as well buy another one.

I've also ordered one regular sourdough starter and one whole wheat sourdough starter. It's time to begin that again as well. I was really having fun experimenting with sourdough before I let it die. Since the easiest thing for me to take to work for lunch in the summertime is a whole wheat bread PB&J sandwich and maybe some fresh veggies to go with it, it only makes sense to start one up again.

I'm much more inclined to eat a lot of yogurt in the spring/summer, even as a meal, because it's quick and easy and tastes good. And I have lots of frozen fruit from last year that could be added, which will enable me to eat a bit healthier, too. And I really need to do that.

I've been noticing salt lately. Most canned/processed foods are really high in salt, and even when they're not, say 25% of your daily salt intake for a can of low sodium soup, I taste salt afterwards for days. I had canned (organic, even) low sodium soup twice this week for lunch, and found that to be a big mistake. Even low sodium was too much salt for me. I just now stopped tasting salt, and that was after drinking extra water for two days to wash it out.

On the lunch menu for next week is cream of tomato soup--homemade, so it will be very low sodium and should be fine to eat all week. I'll be making it on Monday. On Sunday, I'll be making an extra loaf of bread, too. Peanut butter sandwiches really go well with cream of tomato soup. Mmmm.

I am still working on the fingerless gloves with my handspun. After frogging them twice, they are now moving right along. I think I am going to attempt to make actual fingers for these, too. But maybe not. The thumb came out great. Of course, they are like socks--once I'm done with this one, I have to make a matching one. :)

Writing-wise, I am working on edits and also the fourth (? I can't remember) part of Darkfall.

Spinning-wise, I'm working on finishing up 4 ounces of blue, grey, and black shetland on the spindles. I'm also spinning the rest of it (another 4 ounces) on Sofia. I am planning to ply the two together. It's going to be a lot of yarn.

Weaving-wise, I am working on a pretty orange scarf for a swap at Christmastime. I am late in starting this, but it's coming along nicely.

Cleaning/Rearranging/Decluttering-wise, I am still doing that. I posted both table looms, a Great Wheel, and a Saxony on craigslist, although it doesn't seem to be showing up on the search. Hmm. I might have to see what I can do to figure it out. Maybe I'll just post them on ebay and be done with it.

I will be finishing up in here, working in the living room and the Green Room this weekend. Also, washing dishes. As usual.


Lynn M Best said…
I'm so glad I found your blog (after seeing your spinning videos on YouTube). I started spinning with hand spindles in 2005 and am slowly making things with the sparse amounts of handspun I have created. You are so productive, it amazes me. Did you learn to spin on wheels or hand spindles first?

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