Yesterday, I started arranging the Green Room to become the Crafting Room (sewing room, really) and I must have moved my couch six times, trying to fit things into places they just wouldn't fit into. Eventually, I gave up and decided that the tall table is just going to have to be displaced forever. It will go upstairs. However, everything else seems to be fitting in pretty well so far.

I also started a pair of fingerless gloves with some silk/wool yarn I dug up out of the yarn suitcases. because I've been wearing my fingerless gloves a lot at home, and some of them are growing a bit ragged. So it's time for a couple of new pairs.

I washed and set three skeins of yarn--two for fingerless gloves, of course, one for a hat--and set it on the drying rack to dry in the sunlight. It worked perfectly. I have more yarn to wash and set; actually, I have a lot of yarn to wash and set. But it will get done eventually.



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