We all met at the Hibachi Grill restaurant today for a late lunch--there were, oh, eleven of us, I think! Before that, we stopped at Goodwill, but had to abandon our cart because we were running late for lunch. Afterwards (and it's really good food, too) we went back to attempt to find out stuff again, and I managed to find everything except one thing which I really didn't need anyway.

(This is part of the monthly spending budget, by the way, and so doesn't count in the "Buy Nothing To Keep" pledge.) Because... Oh my. And I only spent $12, anyway.

The one thing I really didn't need and did not get was a barn coat from J. Crew. It had some stains, which I wasn't sure about, but for $3.50, I thought it would have been worthwhile to see if the stains came out after washing. However, knowing the quality of the J. Crew clothing I've bought at Goodwill (not very good), it was probably a good thing I didn't get it anyway, because the stains were probably there forever. And it was a lighter coat anyway, nothing I really needed. It was gone by the time we went back.

I got a pretty blue stoneware mug with a small statue of a deer in the bottom. I've seen these with all sorts of things in the bottom, this one was handmade. And I really like the blue glaze. That was $1.50

I got a seed sprouting jar. It has different seeds and how long it takes for germination printed on the side. I thought it might be useful if I sprout some seeds to eat; I've been meaning to try it out. That was also $1.50

I got a small cereal-sized glazed terra cotta bowl. For two reasons, really; I like the size of the bowl, and also it was only $.25

Two Christmas themed metal trays for $1.00 rounded out the finds. These will be nice for cookies.

And last but certainly not least, I found a coat, and I'm pretty sure someone made this. It's double-seamed, heavy wool, unlined, with a zipper (not those toggle buttons, but it resembles a coat that should have them!) It has three pockets and a hood, too! And it fits! That was $7.00, and I've already washed it and hung it to dry. I was hoping against hope it wouldn't shrink, and it doesn't look like it did.

It's fabulous, though. Kind of a brown/green tweedish color. It has snaps on the sleeves, too. I tried it on in the store, and it's perfect. Not too tight in the shoulders, not too short in the sleeves.

See, the coat I wear every day in the winter is a barn coat from the 1980s. I also found it at Goodwill. It was supposed to be my 'old' coat when I bought a barn coat from LLBean a few years ago, but it's lined with wool, and the LLBean coat is not. The coat I wear every day is purple, and I have a blue hat (electric cobalt blue angora) and a blue scarf (dark and lighter mohair/wool mix) to go with it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my everyday coat, and I tend to keep my Carhartt coat for weekends/outdoor work anyway, but I've been looking for another coat that isn't so... barn coat-like. Not that I have anything against barn coats, obviously. I love them.

My everyday coat is thirty years old, though. That actually sounds really funny when I say that aloud! I am actually surprised it has held up so well. The only issue I have with it is the odd button popping off now and again. I have fixed the buttons so many times!

So anyway, this new coat, which someone took a lot of time making, which doesn't have a single moth hole, which didn't seem to shrink in the wash (and I have to find the pattern, too, by the way; I'll have to take a picture.) is the perfect complement to my purple barn coat. It's still barn coat like, but a bit nicer than my purple coat. And yet not unpractical looking at all.

I'm very pleased to have found it. If I wanted to make a coat, it would be just like this one. Someone really made it to last. (My only quibble is no inside pockets. It has three outside pockets. But you can't have everything, and since it's unlined, I could actually add a pocket!)

Oh, and by the way, it will go really well with the yarn I finished this weekend!


Grey Walker said…
cyndy said…
Great find! These days ...you could not even purchase the yardage in wool for that price!

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