So today has been busy! More rearranging, more sorting. More putting away. The organ is now in the living room (where it fits perfectly and looks nice) I'm working on cleaning off the table in here, and also deciding where to put my oversized books (probably on top the other organ.) The door to the hallway is open now, and the cats are very happy to be able to come in here at last. In fact, they've taken over my seat on more than one occasion today.

I still don't have a spot for the two benches--but I'm working on that. I have a couple of ideas. The slate-topped table supplanted one bench to become the plant table; that works quite well. I also have one other displaced table, the one that always get displaced. Poor thing.

Here are some pictures:


Loki and Basil, hanging out.


Lucia in front of the fireplace (I don't use the fireplace, so don't worry, she's fine.)


Where I'll be if you need me. :)

There are more pictures on Flickr, including this one, which is a favorite:



Grey Walker said…
I love it! It's perfect, truly.

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