It's definitely full.

So last Saturday, I wrote up some notes I'd taken about a Prelude to A Glint of Silver, where Celeste first meets Ethan Walker and his family. This happened long before Jericho and before she moved back to Faerie, but I felt it was important enough to write, instead of just allude to in the story.

So I started writing. And didn't really stop until it was finished--1:15pm this afternoon. It's not long, just 17,533 words, but that was almost 2,000 words per day (although obviously more on the weekends) and I'm very happy I was able to get this story written.

After I finished, I mowed the front of the front lawn. And then I came inside to assemble the sourdough for next week; I fed the starter this morning, and it was ready to prepare. I'm also making chili again, because chili is not only nutritious, but I can make a big pot of it without too many ingredients, and eat it for lunch all week long, as well as supper, if I put it over spaghetti.

Yesterday, I picked three cucumbers. I'm hoping and praying that the cucumbers (I only have two plants) don't go nuts this year, because I'm still a bit burned out on them. My hubbard squash has decided that the garden is not the place to be, and I had to move the vine a bit when I mowed, because it was two feet from the sidewalk. I'm trying to coax it back into the garden. The tomatoes are doing well, and starting to ripen, and I'll have kale, malabar spinach, and swiss chard for the rest of the year. Not a great garden, but a good enough garden for me.

So now I'm waiting on the bread and assembling the chili; I'm going to cook it now and then go to Mom and Dad's for a bit, and then come back and eat supper. It should be done before then. The laundry's already in the dryer, and I'm planning to take the garbage out this week as well, to get rid of some bigger things in my garbage can.

Not a bad day's work, overall.


Grey Walker said…
Sounds like a very good day's work, to me!

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