So after three months and some weeks worth of neglecting my sourdough starter, I decided to see if it was still alive yesterday. So I pulled it out of the fridge, opened the bowl, and didn't see any mold... good sign... it was a bit discolored, but didn't smell 'off.' So I scooped out a bit, fed it, stuck it on my mantle out of reach of the cats, and checked on it a few hours later... wow!

It wasn't dead. In fact, I made a loaf of Sourdough French yesterday, and it actually tasted better (smoother) than before. So all the neglect actually made my sourdough starter taste better. Go figure!

I will be using it more often now, however, since it's warmer and doesn't take so long to ready it for baking.


Grey Walker said…
THREE MONTHS??? Wow. That's good to know. :)

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