So today was Chase's birthday party--he is two tomorrow! Wow, how time flies.

He really liked all of his gifts, especially the trucks! And I think Elsa had a lot of fun running around with him. Chase also really liked the Little Tikes car that I brought for him (along with the picnic table; we actually fit both of them in the back of Mom's minivan!)

But there was another storm on the way, so we drove home and shortly after I got home, we had pea-sized hail and a lot of rain and wind. I forgot to shut my bedroom window--mostly because it never rains in my bedroom window--and the spare room's window, and of course it rained in both windows. But that was the only issue, and not really a big deal at all.

But it's cool enough outside that I'm sleeping in my bed tonight, and no air conditioning on for the entire night! That will be nice. It's so nice outside, in fact, that when I went to take the garbage out earlier, I just stood there in the driveway and breathed in the rain-drenched air.

Today's bread was Molasses Oatmeal Wheat bread; it was rather a made-up recipe, and it sure smelled good while baking. If it tastes as good as it smelled, I'm going to write down the recipe and put it in the book file for that eventual bread book I will write one day.

Tomorrow is Monday, and work. I'll say no more about that, other than I'm not looking forward to it at all.


Grey Walker said…
I love that clean, rained feeling in the air.

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