Princess went to her new home today--she will be missed, but I'm sure she'll have fun with her new owner! Otherwise, it's been a pretty low-key day. It's something like 94F outside, so I've been inside most of the day, trying to stay cool.

I finally finished filling up all of my spindles, took pictures, and wound off the yarn...

Okay, not all the spindles are in this picture, but most of them.

Yarn wound up for plying!

Naked spindles!

I also played with the kittens a bit... I mean, how could I not?

And I had a helper:
Sherlock likes books, obviously.

Now I'm going to go wash some dishes, and work in the kitchen a bit... then I'm going to go sit on the couch/bed and write--probably with a kitten or cat lying next to me. :)

Not a bad way to spend Independence Day, by any means!


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