Out in the garden this morning to tie up the tomatoes, check on everything, and straighten some of the tomato stakes that were leaning (again.) At least they were easier to push into the ground this time; the rain really helped!

I'll be picking my first cucumber this weekend, and I've been picking one or two cherry tomatoes here or there for a week now. There are more ripening, and the plants look really good.

I don't have any beets, so I'll have to replant those when the terrible weather breaks (it's supposed to be 104F today) and I'm going to try replanting carrots too. We'll see if they grow. Otherwise, I have plenty of kale, swiss chard, malabar spinach, and turnips.

I also checked on the blackberries and picked a handful; they're ripening up, however, so I'll be picking more next week. However, the backyard volunteer raspberries did absolutely nothing (but grow) this year. I'm not happy about that. :(

Despite the fact that it was "only" 80F outside, it was 89% humidity, and I was drenched by the time I came in. It's not going to be a day to work outside for long, that's for sure. I'm going to run up to the grocery store for cold stuff--milk and cheese, mostly, and I want to make a pizza for lunch (using the kale, swiss chard, malabar spinach, and fresh basil--yum!) But I'll be inside most of the rest of today, working on the next chapter of A Glint of Silver and trying to stay relatively cool.


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