It's supposed to get down to 32F tonight, which means freeze, not frost, which means putting the garden to bed. So I just went out into the garden to pick as much as I could--two plastic grocery bags of greens--kale, nasturtiums, swiss chard--a few remaining tomatoes, including a perfect large green German Heart tomato (I think that's what it's called) which should ripen on the countertop. I picked a couple of turnips, but not many. No more butternut squash; the slugs have pretty much taken care of them this year. A few peppers, which I will chop up to freeze tomorrow.

Progress continues apace in the weaving studio--although it sounds kind of silly to call it that, I'm sticking with that name. I've started bringing up the cones of weaving yarn. The white bookcase in the Green Room is empty now, and I'm going to begin taking all the yarn out of the chest of drawers with doors.

I have a use for that, since it will be empty--I'm going to keep my towels and washcloths and hand towels in that instead of the closet in the bathroom. That closet has a problem with fabric things smelling of mildew after they are stored there for a while, so I haven't been keeping my towels there. Now, I'll have either a shelf in the chest of drawers with doors or the drawer itself. The rest will be blanket storage, although I am planning to clean out the big cedar chest once I get into the living room and go through my blankets and quilts.

I successfully carried my heavy walnut table upstairs this afternoon, and I'm concerned with how the small loom will fit around the curve of the stairs. It's narrower, and I only have a leeway of about three inches in the first place. I really need to measure to see if it will fit. If it doesn't, it might have to stay downstairs, or else whoever helps me carry it upstairs will have to lift it over the curve to get it up the second part of the staircase. I'm not worried about the big loom, since it comes apart rather nicely.

I will continue cleaning in there tomorrow, too.

Today I went to an auction with Dad in Aberdeen. I came home with something completely unexpected, but which I have always wanted--a butcher block. An actual butcher block with three legs. It's smaller than normal (I can pick it up, thank goodness, because usually I can't do it) but they normally go for way over my budget. This one was $45, so I got a really good deal, and something I've always wanted for my kitchen, too. (Now I just have to arrange things so it will fit, but that will have to wait. I'm finishing the weaving studio first.)

My winter project will be cleaning out the Junk Room and the former crafting room. I envision many trips up to church to unload stuff for the spring rummage sale. I'm also planning to box stuff up for a spring yard sale and/or Burlington next year. But most of it will just go via donation or ebay first. I don't really want to store it any longer.

Okay, I've had a long enough break. Back to work. :)


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