I couldn't do it. I walked outside for something, and I had to go work out in the garden this morning. I told myself I'd only do it for an hour, but three hours later, I have a goodly portion of the garden cleared (and really, only one patch left to clear, along with the buffer zone, which I will mow) and I've planted nine more tomato plants, leaving me with sixteen to plant.

Since that's only four sets of four, I should be able to do that this evening.

I also sowed some more greens (nasturtiums, beets, carrots, kale, turnips, swiss chard, etc.) in the bare patches in the greens bed. Found more kale, too! And more new turnip tops as well. I'm taking a break for lunch, and then I will go out to get rid of the piles of weeds I pulled up and then work inside for the afternoon. I'll be back out there this evening, however, because I realized I could (potentially) put up the trellis poles and also plant the beans today. Which is rather tempting. :)

I found these snails in less than a foot square area. If I'd gathered up all the snails I saw today, I would have had hundreds!


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