Yard sales were exhausting and tiring, but I still sold a lot of stuff and only brought home the spinning wheels (which I did not expect to sell anyway; I just brought them more for the draw-in) and the yarnwinder and some stuff that will go to Burlington. Everything else either sold or will end up at the next church rummage sale. So, yay!

All in all, I made my goal (I have minor monetary goals for yard sales) and probably made about $75 on the stuff I pulled out of the Junk Room. Works for me!

I am almost finished weaving, too! Bringing the loom was a good idea. I will be assembling the bag as soon as I'm finished weaving, and probably hand-sewing it, because my sewing machine is not set up at the moment. That will change soon, I hope...

Today, I will be repotting the brussel sprout seedlings, and taking it easy a bit, because the last two days were seriously exhausting (and my arms and legs and wrists and fingers are still not happy) and I need a day to recover. Also, it's been raining on and off this morning, so inside it is, for the most part. Which is OK with me.

(I did manage to mow the front of the front lawn Friday evening after the yard sale, too. Whew!)


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