I've been back from the Bethel Arts & Music Festival for about an hour, eating supper and recovering from a long and rather cold day.

But a profitable one, nonetheless!

I have money to raise for the rest of the cost of my new kitchen roof, and so I'll be posting auctions nearly every night for the next two or three weeks (I'm actually going to schedule the postings throughout the week instead of attempting to do it all at once on the day the auction needs to be posted) so that I won't be freaking out about the cost.

The materials have been purchased, but not paid for by me yet, and I want to have a bit of leeway as well. So money will be tight until the roof is done. But that's OK; I feel a lot better about it all after today's sales!

I had intended to bring two spinning wheels, but forgot an integral piece (the wheel posts) for the 1820 black painted one, so I set up Eliza, who I'd decided to sell. I later went back home to get the missing pieces, but the black wheel did not sell. It will go to Burlington next Sunday (again) and hopefully sell there.

The reason why I decided to sell Eliza was twofold: I really, honestly don't use my spinning wheels very often. And when I do use them, I use Sophia or Gloriana. I kept Eliza originally because she's nicely portable and easy to bring along to shows. But in all honesty, I don't really go to many shows, and don't intend to start going to more, either. And if I did, I'm more likely to bring spindles than wheels. And if I wanted to bring a wheel, Gloriana is a lot more showy. (I'd hesitate to bring Sophia many places, just because she cost a lot of money.)

Happily, Eliza sold, so I only had to bring one spinning wheel and the yarnwinder back with me. So I now have a significant amount of the money I need for my roof. This morning, I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to raise that much money, but now I think the possibility is there!

(I had enough money for the roof not two months ago. However, I was offered a settlement on one of the credit cards I really couldn't refuse. So that took most of the money I'd saved up. But that credit card is now gone! I will be paying another one off at the end of May, leaving two to get rid of hopefully by the end of this year.)

So if you're in need of anything, click on the link above to check out my current auctions!


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