A writer's to-do list:

Editing: "Transformation", the sequel to "So You Want to be a Vampire"   submitted 9/19

Typing in handwritten pages to: "Scarecrows", the third book in the Beth-Hill series. (That title is subject to change once I figure out a better one.)

Poking at: "Whippoorwill", which needs a bit more help than I care to give at the moment, "Darkfall" and "Deadfall", the latter which needs to be finished. (All three of these are unrelated to any series, although "Darkfall" and "Deadfall" go together, and will probably become their own series.)

Writing: "A Glint of Silver", which is really a prequel to the fourth Beth-Hill novel. This is formerly known as "Jericho's story" and "A Glint of Silver", now they are together, basically. And it's not going to be a prologue to the next Beth-Hill book; it's going to be a prequel.

Thinking about: "Unnamed", the next Beth-Hill novel. (I have a beginning, at least, and some of the plot.)

Need to start thinking about: The next Karen Montgomery story and "The Fifth Tree", the next Jacob Lane book. The sequel to "By Any Other Name" as well--I have a beginning for that one. And Abby and Colin are being rather insistent, so it might get written quicker than I expected.

Tabling for now: "Josh" and "Alice" (Placeholder titles) due to time constraints. I will consider them a bit more for next year. They are both unrelated to any series, too. Yes, I can actually write unrelated stories. ;)


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