And after reading everything, I've decided that Scarecrows will stay as canon. It's not nearly as messy and disjointed as I'd feared (it needs a little editing to come together a bit better, but that's not a huge deal.) However, I have no plans to submit it until I finish the next book in the series, just in case I need to change something. It may eventually receive a new title, as the original premise is no longer applicable.

That means the next book is A Glint of Silver. Which means... at least right now, there will be a Part 1 and Part 2, and maybe a Part 3, but we'll see about that. This may end up too long to publish as one book, but I'll leave that decision up to my publisher.

Part 1 will be Jericho's story, and then the continuation that I'm writing now. Part 2 will be present day, set after Scarecrows ends, and will tie everything together, for the most part. I already have a piece of what I think will be the ending in my head, and it's been there for a long, long time.

I have no thoughts on the fifth book in the series yet. I guess we'll see who is still alive after A Glint of Silver, and go from there... but I have a feeling that the story arc that began with Fire and Water will end in Book 4.

In other news, I completely neglected to say that So You Want to be a Vampire was released a few weeks ago. I'll put up a proper post for that one here soon. That meant I read the sequel, and I'll be submitting that soon. I also have to do something with Darkfall and Deadfall soon as well.


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