And thus, the last day of the year.

Tomorrow brings a New Year, and new goals and new attempts and (I hope) new endings.

So, I'm going to do the traditional rundown of 2012...

In January, I mulched the garden. (Hmm, that's probably not going to happen this year.) I decluttered a bit. I redid my website (something I need to do this January, too.) I rearranged the library, which still isn't finished. I turned in the edits for Detour, and I cleaned.

In February, I started rewriting Scarecrows with a new prologue. I cleaned out the spare bedroom, in preparation to make it the weaving room (which didn't  happen for a while, but even so.) I gave up clutter for Lent, something that I will be doing again this year, as I still have clutter. Lots of it! I reread my ancient trunk novels that I wrote when I was fourteen. I tried to start making dolls again, but ended up not, due to the fact that I really need to organize my crafting space before I do so.

In March, I baked sourdough. My Redbud tree bloomed. I turned off my heat. My forsythia bloomed as well. I decided to limit my screen time by starting to handwrite my stories and novels again. (And I continue to do so.) Miss Mabel passed away.

In April, well, the kittens were born. Which pretty much sums up the rest of the year, lol. It was also the first Burlington, yay! And there was wood-fired pizza, double yay!! Bekah came and went through the stuff in the wardrobe in the spare room, even more yay!! And I planted potatoes and went to Elsa's third birthday party.

In May, I started planting the garden. I picked raspberries and currants as well. I bought two spinning wheels, one of which is still here, the other I sold at Burlington. The kittens grew and grew and grew. I started to name them. I also pulled out my back (for the second time that year!)

In June, I had thirteen cats (eight were kittens, remember) in the house. Two kittens went to new homes later in the month. I took lots of pictures. We had a small visitor--Rue, who sadly did not make it. I bought a large floor loom (the Oregon Loom) and put it together.

In July, I wrote an accidental prologue as to how Celeste met Ethan Walker and the Walker Household. I started plying on spindles, and actually found a way to like to ply on spindles. I purchased a couple of spindles as well. I picked cherries from my wild cherry tree for the first time. Princess went to her new home, leaving me with five kittens (all who remain.) I went to Chase's birthday party too! And got rid of some of the Little Tykes stuff in the shed. I also made the decision to turn off the air conditioner for the year. While it was hot yet, I found that I preferred to be hot versus artificially cooled. I plan on investing in a couple more fans this year.

In August, I started typing in the handwritten pages of Scarecrows. I spun a lot of yarn, and plied more yarn on spindles as well. I made a bunch of slow-roasted cherry tomatoes for use in pizzas and soups and stews and suchlike. (I'm still using them!)And I took more kitten pictures as well. So You Want to be a Vampire was released as well!

In September, I had a scare where my car did a 360 on a wet road on my way to a meeting for work. I was fine, and so was my car, but that galvanized me to start weaving again and to decide to make time for other things as well. I picked my very first apple from my very own apple tree! It was huge and tasty and I cut it up and ate it with peanut butter. Mmmmm, I can still taste it. I had another yard sale, yay! I also bought a lot of handwritten recipes that I'm still going through. I wrote a poem, and a story about phangs (they are supported spindles) and vampires.

In October, I had a birthday! All of the kittens and their Mama got fixed, too. Whew!! Elsa helped me bake bread and cookies, and I started assembling the Weaving Studio upstairs. I bought a butcher block table at an auction. (It's still sitting in the same place I put it when I brought it home.)

In November, Dad and I drove up north to pick up the Big Green Loom. I wove a striped blue shawl on my new-to-me Glimakra Emilia loom. I did not finish the Thankful scarf; it took forever! I put the garden to bed, but still picked kale and turnip greens into December.

In December, I finished the Thankful Scarf, along with a few other scarves on Junior. I hope to finish one today as well. The world did not end, and we had a great Christmas. I rewarped Talia (small floor loom) and started weaving a shawl on her as well. I saw The Hobbit. I made soup. I did buy a couple more spindles, but I destashed some as well. I decided to do a Year of Completion for 2013, crossing as much as I can off my to-do list, and allowing myself not to finish something if the interest is no longer there. I also got inspired, more on that later. And it snowed! A lot.

And... that was, essentially, 2012. It wasn't a bad year. It wasn't a great year, but it was a year that I will remember fondly.


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