So my first dip into the Unfinished Story Files for the Year of Completion was to reread Whippoorwill--both versions. One is finished, and quite complete. The other... isn't. It's 142 pages long and still speaking to me quite loudly.

My dilemma is that the second version--which is pretty much completely different than the first, except for a few, key plot points--is also speaking to me quite loudly. Which leaves me with a dilemma, and a dilemma that has not changed since I started the first version in 2009; if I finish the first version and change the names/some key points of the second version so it doesn't resemble the first as much, will they be different enough to market as two separate novels? And if not, do I really care?

I mean... they are different. But are they different enough? I'm not sure.

I guess I'll have to reread the second one next to see if anything jumps out at me that could be changed... for the better, I hope.

ETA: After reading Whippoorwill version 2, I've decided that it's different enough. I'll change the names in Version 1, and go from there. Version 2 is ready to submit, except for a title... which I'm trying to work on right now.

ETA#2: And, thanks to my sister Emily and a bunch of brainstorming on Facebook, the new title is Secrets When in Shadow Lie. And it's now submitted. Two in one day, wow!! (The other submitted book was Scarecrows, Book 3 of the Beth-Hill series.)


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