So yesterday I wove a bit of the warp that I'd put on Talia nearly a year ago--yes, she sat there that long, unused--and I realized that the yarn was snapping and falling apart (probably kitten-related), so I decided to cut off what I had woven, cut off the warp, and warp her with something else.

That something else became some red cotton, although I haven't quite decided what I'm going to make yet and I'm not finished warping her yet (I'll go finish that in a moment.) I warped her using a method I found on a blog--direct warping, only winding the warp on the back beam first, and then threading the heddles and the reed--and it seems to be working quite nicely. In fact, I realized I can warp Talia from the Green Room once it's cleaned up, and across the entire length of the living room as well, which will be nice. Since Talia's staying downstairs, easy-access to warping is a good thing.

Lest you think I only played with looms yesterday; I did not. I also wrote quite a bit on A Glint of Silver, which is going well. "Quite a bit" was nearly ten pages, and that's a lot--handwritten--for a couple of hours in the afternoon and evening. Perhaps I'll get a lot written today as well; that will be nice.

I was debating last week whether or not to take today off; I'm glad I decided to do so. It's rainy and dreary outside, but I only have two errands to run later on, and then I can stay home the rest of the day. I have soup for lunch (and supper if I wish, or I might pick something up from the grocery store), but I'm hoping to finish the scarf on Junior (this one is blue again) and warp him again as well as finish warping Talia.

It has been a good weekend.

And only one more weekend until Christmas!


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