A Blank Page

A Blank Page

So I've been seeing a photo passed around of a blank piece of paper, with the words, "This is the new Mayan Calendar, hahaha" or something to that effect. And the first time I saw it, I thought to myself, "hang on, a blank page? Just begging to be filled with lists or notes or musings or poems, or even a story? What kind of potential does a blank piece of paper contain?"

And I realized--it's not the "new Mayan Calendar"; it's the fact that deep down inside, we all probably wondered--even if very briefly--(at least, those of us with actual imaginations) what the world would be like if it all... just... ended.

I think that has a lot to say for the popularity of apocalyptic novels and shows and movies; heck, while writing Second Coming, which was an absolute fantasy-based end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, I would drive to work counting off the things that would no longer be in place. I read up on survival skills. I haunted prepper websites, and this was before Y2K. I had a lot of fun imagining what wouldn't be around--most of the stressors of modern life--and what the survivors would have to do to survive, especially through the winters, etc. Most of what I learned did not make it into the book, but it was interesting reading nonetheless.

But getting back to the "New Mayan Calendar"--what if we decided, as a whole, to treat that blank page as an opportunity, not a joke? What if, on our new blank page, we derived a calendar for ourselves to help us live in a more sustainable, less consumerist society? What if we went "back to the basics", perhaps not 100%, but every little bit helps, and that's the truth.

On my blank page, I will begin to list the things I want to consider over my Year of Completion that begins January 1st. I'm writing more about that over on Plethora, but I'm sure I will mention it here as well. Honestly, though, it's not just going to be a Year of Completion; it's going to be a Year of Contemplation, too. Because I have a lot to think about. And perhaps you have a lot to think about too.


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