I saw the Hobbit (with Ethan, Mom, and Dad) Friday night. It was cookie baking day yesterday, so I haven't been online much these past two days.

The Hobbit was, of course, fabulous. I don't really care what the reviews say or the critics think. I grew up on the Hobbit; had the Rankin/Bass production record of the soundtrack/dialogue from the movie and knew it by heart. So it would take a lot for Peter Jackson, et. al. to screw this one up... and they did not. (Of course.) Martin Freeman is a great John Watson, and a perfect Bilbo Baggins. And I might have had a tear or two in my eye in the beginning... I'll admit to that. :)

The only things that kind of bothered me number two: that Kili is played by Aidan Turner of Being Human (BBC) fame, and it was a bit distracting to see that familiar Mitchell smile in a dwarf. Also, while some of the dwarves seemed... more dwarfish, some just looked human. Including Thorin. Now that might be the "noble lineage" and all of that, but it was a bit distracting as well.

Minor quibbles, however. I really would like to go see it again, but that's doubtful... at least in the theater. It did make me want to see all three of the other movies again, however, as well as the Rankin/Bass animated one, too. Thankfully, I have ready access to those...


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