Evidently I have sewing machine brownies here.

Em still has my sewing machine, so I decided that after I got home from the movie tonight (more on that later) I would fiddle with Lydia and try to fix the tension.

It's fixed. Don't ask me why, and I know better than to thank my brownies. (I would leave a little dish of milk out on my sewing table for them, but I think the cats would get it first. So if my brownies read this, there are icinged sugar cookies on the kitchen counter--feel free!)

So since Lydia is working fine now, I can make Ethan's bear and Em can continue to use my sewing machine until she's done. So much for one day! (I'm not really complaining, since Lydia is fixed, mind you.) And all I have to do to the quilt is trim the binding. That's it. Yay!

Anyway, we went to see Narnia tonight. For a two and a half hour movie, it sure was rushed. It wasn't bad, and perhaps I need to see it again, but it just felt rushed. The beavers were worth it all, though. And the guy who plays Mr. Tumnas was perfectly brilliant. I really liked him.

Here's my list for tomorrow:

1. Bake Dad's cookies
2. Make Ethan's bear
3. Finish trimming quilt binding
4. Laundry!
5. Wrap presents
6. Put away clothes (hopefully)

Not so bad, really.


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