I had to go to a meeting this afternoon in Dayton, of course. I won't say anything about the meeting, but the drive home was something else! It took me over three hours to get home, going anywhere between 15-25 mph once the snow hit. (We actually made great time before the snow hit us. So in truth, it took me two and a half or so hours to make an hour's drive.)

Ugh. The roads were horrible, but I got home safely (making Mabel very happy that I was home so she could go run outside and eat snow while she went potty.) Bekah and Ethan made it to Bethel and decided to stay (a smart move, imo) and Dad took close to 4 hours to get home.

The word is out yet on tomorrow--I intend to see how the roads look in the morning and decide from there. I do have work to do at work, of course, and this meeting in Dayton did not help. Grrr.

At the moment, however, I'm headed to bed. I finally feel the Nyquil kicking in.


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