Hmm, just what did I do today?

I painted--Casper, or parts of Casper; I'm not yet done. In lovely blue milk paint.

I spun--


on a lovely Goncalo Alves phang supported spindle. This is one of the styles of spindles I'm going to attempt for my first tries with my lathe. In mulberry wood, which I cut from a tree and have been drying in the hallway upstairs. (There's a lot more yarn on this spindle right now.)

I spun--


On this lovely Turkish spindle as well. I'm really pleased with this one!

I cleaned a bit in the soon-to-be library, and sat in my reading chair and spun some more on my birthday spindle. I washed dishes. I drank tea. I thought about Scarecrows. I had fried rice for supper, and then it was 8:30pm and I can't believe the day is almost over!


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