I had a couple of errands to run today, including heading over to our local Amish store to spend my Christmas gift certificate. I had $50 to spend, and my purchases totaled $50.06, which left me quite pleased, let me tell you! :)

I found it very interesting that the Good Cheese and the Good Lunchmeat and the Good Bacon were actually cheaper than when I checked prices at the grocery store the other day. I got Lacy Baby Swiss, Provolone, and Mozzarella, along with off the bone honey ham for lunches, and delicious naturally processed bacon for my pizza tonight (the cheese, of course, is on the pizza too.) And there's bacon left over as well. Mmm, yum!

I also bought more honey, some jam and jelly, some vanilla concentrate (all natural) until I get around to making mine (since making it will take a little while), and some other stuff as well. And then, with my errands finished, I came home and did more dishes, cleaned a bit more, spun a bit on Lucy, wrote a bit, took some pictures, and basically relaxed.

All in all, a productive weekend. I can't complain.


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