Today I baked six loaves of bread for the church dinner tonight--two Honey French, two Italian, and two Vienna Poppyseed (with the poppyseed inside the bread, not on top), and boy, everything was a hit! I got so many compliments. I love it when my bread goes over well. :)

I also plied yarn today. I'm gearing up for a big yarn finishing day, maybe one day next weekend, so I can actually use some of this instead of just displaying it. That's the only drawback about handspun yarn; you can't just start knitting or crocheting after you spin. You have to set the twist. (Well, you could not, but it's better to do so.)

I have a few more spindles ready for destash, which I should post tomorrow. I went back through my keepers, and chose some more. I never intended to be a spindle collector, after all; but a spindle user, yes. And although I still have too many, I'm happy with what I have left.


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