I wrote almost all day yesterday, with stops to bake a loaf of bread, do the laundry, and eat. The fourth part of Darkfall is just about finished, and somehow, across all of this, it became a novel. A short one, yes, more of a collection of novellas than an actual novel, but the wordcount is there.

This is the spinning from yesterday (not all of it from yesterday, but the spinning-in-progress as I wrote.) Late yesterday evening, I glanced at the spindles in their bowls beside me, and I realized how pretty of a picture they made, just sitting there. So I took a picture, naturally. :)

It's funny how I can sit here and spin while I'm thinking about what comes next, but crocheting or knitting or even weaving doesn't do that for me.

I've been kicking around some thoughts about this for a while now, and I think it's the meditative 'spin' of spinning that helps me focus on the work-in-progress. It's not something I have to follow a pattern for, it's not intrusive, my mind is free to work on Story as my fingers twist the spindle and draw out the fiber to become yarn. It's an ideal activity for a writer, I think. And it's shocking to me that I've tried so many other things, and so many other hobbies have fallen by the wayside because of this.


Grey Walker said…
Spinning while you write... I really like that.

The textures here are so beautiful. They sing peacefully.
Jennifer said…
I like it too, obviously. :)

Yes, it's a very peaceful picture, isn't it? I love the color combination here.

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