I am sitting here in my reading chair, writing this on my netbook, with a cup and a pot of tea (Ooooh Darjeeling from Adagio, which almost has a lemon aftertaste, quite nice!) beside me and the sunlight pouring through the bay windows. My goal is to finish a chapter in Scarecrows, because I reread it last week and realized that I'd stopped right before the climax. And I know what happens now.

And it's not pretty. But it fits in with my prior thought of the ending, and it shouldn't take me that long to write.

But it's so nice sitting here. The bread's in the machine (dough only; I'll bake it in the oven), the laundry's in the dryer, I spun about half a bobbin on Sofia this morning as well. I'm still working on the Pile in the entry room, but it's getting smaller.

Last night, I watched Edward Scissorhands and spun on a spindle while I watched; it might take me four movies to get everything spun up on this, because I'm spinning really thin, but that's okay. I'm planning to do half on one spindle and half on another and ply them together. The fiber was a Christmas gift from a lovely friend on Ravelry, the spindle is a handcarved 'Dan Spindle' that I'm using as a supported spindle. (Also a purchase from Ravelry.)

In an hour or so, I'll think about lunch, and then I'm off to Mom and Dad's to pick up my lathe and some homemade bean soup, and then home again to work in the entry room some more.


Kathleen said…
Hi Jen,

I just found your blog via Ravelry. i'm sipping some Lady Grey tea from Twinings...mmmm. I think I like it better than the Earl variety. Lovely blog you have!
Jennifer said…
Thanks and welcome! :)

I'm sampling my New Year's Tea at the moment, and drinking Rose Hip tea. It's very tasty!

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