The last spindle destash is up, at least for now. I need some extra money in my bank account before this work stuff changes, and I realize I haven't mentioned it here yet.

Let's just say we received very bad news at work on Tuesday which will mean a lot more money out of pocket for me, but the "good" news is I still have a job. I am extremely unhappy about this, however, and I think it's a terrible idea, but who asks the people who actually work in the office that is slated to be closed? I am going to have to commute downtown and pay for parking, which will end up being over $1000 out of pocket per year extra, which is, frankly, money I don't have.

Thank goodness my car is almost paid off. That will help, but I'm going to have to put some stuff on hold, which really stinks.


Grey Walker said…
Are you selling any stuff on eBay or etsy or Ravelry that I can point people to from my LJ?
Unknown said…
Oh, no! Yeah, it's good that at least you've still got the job, but I'm sorry to hear it's gotten problematic.

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