The front of the front yard is mown; I'll do the rest probably tomorrow (or even maybe later on this evening, late) when my lawnmower is finished charging. I forgot to plug it in last night, so I plugged it in this morning. It had enough juice to do the front of the front and the little side part beside where I park, but that's about it.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I should be able to till on Monday. That would be really nice. I might actually be able to till tomorrow, all depending; that would be nice too.

If I do get to till, and depending on how the ground looks, I could plant beans, sweet potatoes, and various greens. My tomatoes aren't quite big enough yet to plant, and neither are the peppers.

I set my garden boots outside this morning to finish drying, because it was so wet and sloppy in the backyard yesterday evening that I ended up changing out of these boots (my usual breathable canvas ones) to my leather, waterproof boots with socks. Socks!!


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