I am on my fifth wheelbarrow full of mulch, and still mulching the volunteer raspberry patch. But I'm almost done with that!

That also takes care of the excess hay (he threw in some extra chunks), so... I'm starting in on the bale closest to the road with my sixth load. So far, it doesn't look like it will be too difficult to peel away with my $4 pitchfork from Burlington. I'm very glad I bought that pitchfork, though; my other one, which is a great tool, is shorter and smaller and I don't think it would work as well. (It's a potato pitchfork, really.)

So, once the raspberries are mulched, I'll move on to the currant and blueberry patch, and then mulch the garlic and the other currant bushes as well. (The black and the reds.) I may even mulch the side portion where the blackberries are starting to spread, just so I don't have to mow there at all.

A fence around the volunteer raspberry patch is a possibility, but I'm not sure if I will put one up. I do have an iron railing I could use if I wanted to attach it to the neighbors' fence (which I could do) but I only have one railing, so we'll see. Right now, it's so muddy back there that I've worn a mud trail through the grass (which is, admittedly, rather long) and I've actually sunk in a few places as well. There is no way I could actually mow the backyard for at least a week of no rain at all. The front yard, however, will get mown this weekend.


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