Today we all gathered at the Hibachi Grill to celebrate Mother's Day--we decided on a late lunch, which was a good idea, because although they were packed, we only waited fifteen minutes or so for seats for 11 total people.

Afterwards, we stopped at Goodwill, where I found two more shirts for work and a couple of books as well. And then I came home and decided to work out in the garden a bit, cleaning up, chopping down weeds and pulling up stalks from last year's crops. I'm taking a bit of a break for a moment (needed to check the laundry) but I'll be headed back out in a bit.

It's good exercise, swinging my weed chopper thingy. I'm not sure what they are really called, but it's got a wooden handle, a metal (it really looks like copper, but wouldn't that be too soft?) shaft, and a really, really sharp blade on the end that can cut through 1/2" saplings. And would, of course, cut through my leg or anything else, so I am careful. But it is sharpened on both sides, so you swing it back and forth, and it really takes care of the weeds. And works out my arms as well. :)

I have kale growing in the garden! It's pretty large now; definitely big enough to eat. I'm thinking it's leftover from last year, where I vaguely remember planting some sort of mixture along one side that included red amaranth.

I'm going to go cut down the trellis now... that should help the look of things a bit, definitely. Not sure if I'll get finished with the clean-up tonight, since I do have other things to do to prepare for the week this evening, but I'm hoping to get back out there this week, if it doesn't rain.

Two, maybe three days of nice weather, and I could till the garden. It would be nice to be able to do that!


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