Today, I went to Sam's with Dad, where I found one of these (cheaper) for my honeysuckle problem. See, I have a spruce tree in the front yard, and there's a honeysuckle that has been growing up right beside the spruce tree's trunk for years and years. I never could get enough leverage to get in there and actually cut it down, and it was starting to kill parts of the spruce tree, which I rather like.

I am very pleased to announce that the honeysuckle is chopped down! There's still quite a large piece sticking up, but it's cut and will eventually die. I also have a huge pile of greenery in my front yard to dispose of--it would be really nice to get a small chipper/shredder one day, perhaps at an auction. That way, I could make my own mulch.

So I am covered in tree sap, scratched up, and my shoulders feel as if I did a bit of a workout (actually, not too bad; I love this new tool) but I can see out my front door now, since the tree that was growing through the lattice in front of the front porch is gone. (The birds don't have any place to sit, either, but too bad for them.)

I will clean up the pile tomorrow or Friday, when the leaves start to die and it's easier to move the branches.



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