Last night, I dreamed of Grace Creek and its environs again. This time, someone had died, and since they had just died, we* decided to carry them back beyond in the woods behind my parents' house--the woods which are a bit more dark and deep than they exist in real life.

Back Beyond is a rushing creek that never dries up, even in the heat of summer. And in that creek, not that long ago, someone** dead returned to life after lying in the waters for three days.

I tried to dissuade everyone from coming, and got rid of a couple of them when I explained we'd have to ford creeks that were running up to our knees due to the rains--while carrying a body, even. So I made the people who weren't wearing proper shoes turn back, and I found some waterproof boots on the shelves (it's like a staging area before you enter the woods) for myself, since I was wearing hiking shoes.

We went through the creekbeds full of stuff--it's like a treasure trove of Interesting Objects***--and beyond, where the woods become woods with no sign of human habitation, only more primeval.

Obviously, I awoke before the dream ended, so I don't know if the person who died came back to life or what. My impression was that I thought it wouldn't take three days, since he'd just died, and the other person had been dead for a little while before he was placed in the creek waters.

Quite interesting...

*Shockingly enough, most of my immediate family, cousins, aunts and uncles.

**The dream didn't tell me who was resurrected, or who died.

***And it occurred to me after I awoke that it's odd no one empties the creeks of the interesting objects, because some of them are valuable. It's almost like you can only take what you need at any given time, or maybe what you can carry, and nothing more. Because there's seriously gold and jewels at some point, ancient remnants of marble sculptures, whole collections of collectible pottery, you name it. I've even found jewelry.Link


Grey Walker said…
Oooo! Grace Creek again! I think Grace Creek is another name for the creek that runs through Holman. :)

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