The second Burlington of the year was today, and although it rained off and on (and then, after a while, on all the time), I actually made a decent amount of money!

I did not buy any spinning wheels, but I sold one. The only other spinning wheel there was a vintage fake; I've seen them before on Craigslist and such. It's not obvious unless you know what to look for, but it was definitely a fake (or Spinning Wheel Shaped Object (SWSO) as we tend to call them.

I did buy a few items... one, a three-tine pitchfork for $4, which I needed for the garden. I bought five vintage metal watch faces to make into spindles, those were $1/each, and I was a bit annoyed that when I told the seller I had ten and could she do any better than $1/each she refused (I was hoping she'd say, 10/$8 or something, but noooo, so I only bought five.)

I visited the Book Guy, and bought the following books:

Gardening Through the Ages: An Illustrated History of Plants and their Influence on Garden Styles--from Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Penelope Hobhouse

Mushroom Miscellany by Patrick Harding, which is "folklore, fact, recipes, and stories" about mushrooms. (It sounds very cool.)

Cooking with Herbs by Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead, this one seems to have a lot of mint recipes in it, so that is GOOD!

The Complete Vegetarian Pasta Cookbook--one look at the Pasta Bean Soup recipe and the Minestrone Soup recipe (among others) and I had to have it.

and, The History of Torture and Executions from Early Civilization through Medieval Times to the Present for research purposes, of course. ;)

We did leave early, so we stopped at the Florence Antique Mall, and I found a Weave-It for $12 in the original box, even, with the original needle, a teeny shuttle, and directions. Then we stopped at Goodwill, where I found some shirts for work, including something a bit funny.

See, a couple of weeks ago, someone asked a question on Livejournal about a certain expensive brand of shirt that her husband had put into the dryer and the linen had shrunk. So, curious, I looked them up, and found out that these shirts are really expensive. Like, over $150 each. Like, some are $200+ each, which boggles my mind as to why someone would want to buy a shirt that cost that much money.

Guess what I found at Goodwill?

Yep. For $2.00, even.


cyndy said…
All good purchases ;-)

That must be a piece of FINE linen to fetch that kind of $.

Wondering where the flax was grown and processed :-)
Grey Walker said…
You had a great day!

And you got a Weave-It! Squeee! Mine didn't come with a shuttle. Can you take a picture of it?

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