Bekah came today to go through the built-in wardrobe full of her stuff (from when she moved in 2007!) and finally I got to close the doors of the wardrobe! One of them is wonky, however. I will have to fix that. We tossed the garbage bags out the window, and they didn't break, too! It was a bit hard to toss a heavy garbage bag out the window, but we managed to do it without hitting anything important. And we filled up the back of my car with stuff for the rummage sale (and took that up to church, so it's gone.)

So there's some clean-up left to do up in that room, including three more boxes Bekah will be taking, but it's clean enough for me to start thinking about what I want to do in there.

This is supposed to be my sewing room, at least in the current thinking of things. I have two closets (well, one closet and the built-in wardrobe) and one set of shelves already in that room, plus a large chest of drawers. I would need a table to cut out patterns (which is in the Junk Room at the moment, so easily transferred) and a desk of some sort for my sewing machine. Ideally, I'd carry the typewriter desk upstairs for my sewing desk. However, it's very heavy, very wide, and I'm not really sure it will fit. I could use the gray table as my sewing table and bring my other sewing table from the former craft room and use that for cutting out patterns, which might actually work a bit better. Or swap the tables, and still use the gray one for cutting out patterns and the round one for sewing. Either way, I really don't have to carry anything terribly heavy upstairs.

There's a small chest of drawers also in the Junk Room as well, but it would be nice to fit all the fabric in the closet and wardrobe and existing chest of drawers. But we'll see.

What I'm definitely keeping in that room is the rocking chair that sits in front of the south-facing window. It's cold today--about 56F outside, and 55F inside, so after Bekah left and I got back home from carrying the rummage sale stuff out of my car, I sat upstairs for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine pouring through the window. It was so relaxing and warm and lovely and peaceful, except when all four cats wanted to sit on my lap, which is pretty much impossible. There's a little oak table beside it, the perfect size for a cup of tea and a notebook. So I carried up a footstool and sat there for a while, just enjoying the afternoon, the sound of the wind, and the birdsong outside.


Grey Walker said…
Oh, I'm so glad you two got Bekah's stuff sorted. That will feel good for both of you!

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