So the first yard sales weekend days are May 4th and 5th. That means I have a little less than three weeks and two weekends to gather up stuff for a yard sale--and boy, do I have plenty of stuff. This is going to be the second push of decluttering, even though Lent is over. I'm giving up clutter year-round.

So basically, this will be a clean-out. Anything that I can't take to Burlington but no longer want or need (or will use) is on the list. I want to go through kitchen cabinets and box stuff up; I want to go through the Junk Room and throw away the garbage, box up what can be taken to the yard sale, and get that room ready to be the spare bedroom.

The weekend after that is the Bethel Arts & Music Festival, so I have plying to do and yarn to finish for that; I will have books, of course, and unless the weather is bad, I'm planning to bring a Great Wheel and a Saxony as well.

The weekend after that is Burlington again, so I need to gather up at least two boxes of stuff for Burlington as well.

It will be a busy couple of weeks!


Grey Walker said…
You're starting your busy season. *g*

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