Where, oh where do I begin?

The morning started out warm and humid, and I did get up on time and leave on time (mostly due to arranging everything the night before) and we left on time. But on 275, at 6:15am Dad hit a pothole, and soon after that, we heard some horrible noise that we first assumed was something in the packed back of the van, but soon realized it was a bit more than that when a State Highway Patrolman pulled us over to inform us that the muffler was dragging along the ground.


So we were a bit late to get to Burlington, Dad got filthy crawling under the van to remove the muffler, and that morning kind of moseyed on from there.

Burlington itself was busy, but not a great day; the usual regulars were there along with some new people, the wind picked up, and while we didn't lose anything or have anything get knocked over, I saw a tent flip over, some people on the other side lost some stained glass, someone else lost a table full of stuff (I'm assuming something fell into the table; the wind wasn't that bad) and I only bought two things, spending a total of $15. (Two mixing bowls, not old, but medium-sized, which is what I was looking for, and a four-tiered "miner's lunchpail" type-thingie that is large enough to be useful for a lot of stuff. Later on, I stopped at the used bookstore and bought four books, two of which were cookbooks.

But anyway.

There was one spinning wheel there (a small Saxony), but when I saw it first, it had no treadle and a broken distaff and a broken flyer. (And no price.) When I saw it the second time, it had the treadle and a price, which was pretty reasonable, but I am full up on project wheels, even though this was a nice one. So I went to tell my friend Phil about it, only to find out that he'd just run over and bought it by the time I reached his friend's booth. Which was kind of funny. :)

At the end of my first trip around, I called Dad to see if he wanted a breakfast sandwich, because that's the usual thing we get at Burlington. Last year, we were complaining that they raised the prices to $3.50 for a bacon (meat), egg and cheese sandwich; it was a bit ridiculous. This year, there was a new vendor near us, and they were charging $5.00 for an egg and cheese sandwich. And as I stood there, stupefied with shock, I read their menu, and nothing on it was less than $6.00. Except for drinks, of course.

(Oh, and they had all sorts of odd stuff on their menu, too. I did not try their food; I was too stunned by the $5.00 breakfast sandwich.)

HOWEVER, there was light at the end of the hill--a portable wood-fired pizza vendor!!! I had never realized you could buy portable wood-fired pizza ovens!! (Here's a link to their website.) OK, so, that's not usual Burlington fare either, but it's actual food! Not hot dogs and overpriced breakfast sandwiches! The pizzas were $7/each, and there was enough for two people, and I tried their breakfast pizza (It had scrambled eggs! And was very tasty.) And then Dad and I shared a pizza for lunch as well. I can't remember what it was called (started with a 'G') but it was also fabulously tasty. (Real food! *sob*)

I HOPE THEY COME BACK ALL YEAR LONG. Because seriously, I really don't like hot dogs, which is the only other alternative unless I pack my own lunch or buy overpriced food at the other place, which did not have a line every time I went past. (I wish I could remember their name, but I can't. I have blanked it out of my mind.)

(PS--I want to have a mobile wood-fired pizza oven! I could so see myself doing that! Although I'd want to bake bread too, of course.)

So anyway, I am home now and tired, but not exhausted, surprisingly. Even so, I'm planning to go to bed early tonight.



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