Tomorrow is the first Burlington! I will have to get up extra early to be at Mom and Dad's house by 5:30 AM... whew! I'm going to bed early tonight.

I have mostly everything ready to go. Just a couple of things to get together in the morning. We had to pack up in the rain, however, because although the forecast was for thunderstorms, it rained all afternoon long, pouring at times, and it wasn't fun lugging boxes and a spinning wheel out to my car in the rain, but I had no choice.

I'm not going to expect not to spend any money tomorrow, but I do have a budget and I intend to stick to it as much as possible. I'm bringing two spindles and some fiber to spin along with Tim Powers' new book to read, which arrived from Amazon on Friday. I've already started reading it; I just couldn't wait.

I really can't believe it's Burlington season already. How time flies...


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