We're having a "thing" (lunch) at work tomorrow; after dithering about what to make and even attempting to look up a recipe on my phone in the parking lot of IGA and finding I barely had service, I decided not to bother with the grocery store and came home instead. Whereupon I looked through many recipes (and found quite a few to try) and finally settled on Blackberry Bread Pudding. Totally not in with the theme, but who cares? Not me... lugging something complicated all the way to work, across the street, etc., is just not my cup of tea. So I cut up two of the baguettes I made over the weekend (the second batch of Sourdough French), added milk and eggs and cinnamon and other stuff, including blackberries, and popped it in the oven. Almost as easy as the Blueberry Baked Oatmeal I also made over the weekend and have been enjoying for my morning snack all week long. (So far.)

Hopefully it will work, since I haven't made this recipe before. :) And it helped use up some eggs, of which I have er, five dozen in my fridge.

We'll see.


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