Planting potatoes today, and getting the kitchen garden ready for planting later this week. I have a lot of potatoes to plant, so I'm experimenting a bit.

It was really frigid this morning--57F at the thermostat in the house; 47F outside, and it didn't warm up to a decent temperature (in or out) until after noon. Even Chloe was cold; I caught her sleeping with her nose pressed down against the blanket, and that's her "I'm freezing" pose, so I gave her an extra blanket to sleep on. She hasn't budged since.

Needless to say, it took a bit longer for my loaf of Sourdough Italian bread to rise, although it does look fabulous. I'll have a piece later, perhaps with some peanut butter, to taste it.

But now it's warm enough to work outside, so that's where I am.


Grey Walker said…
The longer the rise, the more complex the flavor. :)
Jennifer said…
True! I will definitely make this again; it is very tasty. not too sourdough-y, either!

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