Burlington, July

Burlington was yesterday; a very hot and humid Burlington, although it was more bearable in the morning. I had filled up two containers, a box with cookbooks, and brought a lampshade in a separate box. I came home with one empty container, half the box of books (which had been overflowing), and no lampshade. Since my goal is at least one empty container each time, I call it a success. 

I bought more beads, including a giant watermelon Chevron bead, and a Mirro dough mixer (this was one I did not have in my dough mixer collection), a pie/cake carrier, what I think is a wooden "folder" (like for folding or pleating paper), a clamp vise for my workbench, and that's about it. On Friday, though, I bought something from Dad that now has been added to my non-electric kitchen contraption collection--a Miller bun divider, pics to come. 

So anyway, hot and humid, but I brought home less than I brought to Burlington, and that's kind of the point.

I did pass up a KitchenAid for $50, but it was one that did not and had never come with a dough hook attachment, so once I found that out, I was less interested. I have a stand mixer--an old Dormeyer--that I only use when say, cookie dough needs to be mixed for 20 minutes, so I certainly did not need another one, even if it was a KitchenAid.

Other interesting things seen at Burlington included a SewHandy sewing machine, the pre-Featherweight of sewing machines, and a wicker coffin...


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