A (slightly more) minimalist kitchen

The questions I've been asking myself while in the kitchen (I decided that room would be first, since after that comes the laundry room and the entry room), especially while weeding cookbooks, were, "Am I likely to ever actually use this?" Or am I keeping it just because I can say, "Oh, I have a copy of such and such" as if owning a copy of whatever it is, that gives me points in some sort of game.

I certainly don't have as many cookbooks as some people I've met, and I'm unlikely to stop buying them entirely. But I managed to whittle them down by at least 30, and arrange the others so there's not quite such a hodgepodge of books on my shelf.

I am working around the perimeter of the kitchen currently, and then I'll tackle the "island", which will probably be a bit shorter by the time I'm finished. 

Once the kitchen is done, then I'll move into the laundry room, and hopefully finally get to fix my dryer.


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